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Our mandate is to provide quality educational coaching and training to school aged children (Elementary through High School)in an effective way of collaboration with parents, schools and communities.

Our capacity has been built on securing and managing following components:

Human Resources managed by our Board of Directors (BOD). The 7 members of our BOD are with diverse backgrounds in science, business and technologies are playing key role in our organizational capacity building. With their many years of working experiences they are committed to apply their invaluable expertise for the cause of PEACE.

Knowledge and educational resources-The AlivEducation is our partner who is in agreement to support us with their qualified and experienced educators. The staff, board members and teachers are with rich multicultural backgrounds which are also an asset for working with Canadian Diversity Model. The PEACE in collaboration with other institutions has been developing resources that are invaluable asset for carrying out project like one we are applying for.

Physical and technical resources are integral parts of our capacity to carry out different projects we are undertaking. PEACE has its 3 laptops and one desktop that our staff and management team are sharing to do the day to day activities. We are also sharing 3 physical spaces in different corners of Ottawa where we deliver our services namely Overbrook Community Centre in Vanier, Golden Key Driving School in Barrhaven and one in Orleans. PEACE is sharing the service of transportation with its Executive Director’s Honda Civic 2007. 

Financial Resources are generated from the donations of our members of our BOD, advisors and community contributors. Among others fund raising activities through fund raising dinner, garage sale are few to mention. This summer we were funded by Canada Summer Job program while we also got approved by United Way a partial funding in collaboration with Rideau Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre.