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The Mission of Pro-active Education for All Children’s Enrichment (PEACE) is to establish innovative and non-traditional evening and week-end schools for young people from different parts of the world, Ottawa being the centre of delivery. Teaching love of learning is the cornerstone of the purpose of PEACE that would inspire the students doing common good for the human race by rejecting evil leading to destruction of human civilization. .


The Action Plan that we are committed to accomplish to see the outcomes:

  1. Offering holistic approach of teaching and learning by making learning fun by our qualified team of educators
  2. Educating parents and young people on the topics of adverse impact of illiteracy and numeracy for their lives and society as a whole
  3. Offering result oriented dialogue with public and parents on the topics of prevention of, and responses to, school drop-out, extremism, stereotyping and other socially harmful acts
  4. Establishing, operating and maintaining teacher employment training and mentoring centre in support of our implementation plan
  5. Offering innovative and effective courses, seminars and meetings; providing on-site (in home or in appropriate venues), culturally sensitive consultations to educate both parents and students
  6. Conducting interviews with media (TV, radio, national & educational newspapers, magazine organized and written by our students)