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Sawrav Barua is an organizer, development worker, cultural activist, and human rights worker. Sawrav BaruaFor more than one decade, he has been working for the rights of the under privileged and neglected people of the society. He studied management. Apart from cultural practice, writings, and development work he created Songshoptaque (A social, cultural and human benevolent organization), the organization works for the rights of the person with disabilities, underprivileged women and children. With his initiative and Songshoptaques’ support rehabilitation and rural information-technology centre named Kalyani was established for the distressed villagers and helpless disable . He also established Karnaphuli Human resources Development Institute, Coastal DPO Alliance(CDA) and many other development organizations. As a founder secretary, he has been performing his duty as Director Operation of AlivEducation (A new way to foster student excellence) from 2015 before that as  Chief Executive of Songshoptaque.since 2000. At his childhood, he left the rural environment of his village and grew up in city experiencing the monotonous city life. Besides writings, he is working relentlessly for the establishment of a discrimination free social system, environment protection movement and human rights.