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The latest numbers show that 13,764 Syrian refugees have arrived in Canada so far. By the end of next month that total will rise to 10,000 privately sponsored and 15,000 government sponsored refugees. For many of these newcomers, learning English will be one of the biggest challenges they face over the next year. AlivEducation, a local private night school is determined to do their part to help refugee children pledging to take in as many refugee students as possible.

AlivEducation is a private school that operates in the evenings and on weekends. Principal of the school, Dr. Chowdhury explains, “AlivEducation helps students at all levels: those who need help to catch up, gifted students who need a challenge, and the average student who wants to achieve excellence.” What sets this school apart from traditional ESL options is their complete diversity. Syrian children would have the benefit of learning along side native English speakers and other immigrants alike. They would be completely immersed in the language, as they are in their regular daytime classrooms. Students also benefit from being taught by experienced teachers certified by the Ontario College of Teachers, who have had the best training available.

The current student body benefits from this diversity as well. Alive is committed to holistic student growth. By exposing students to diversity among peers, and encouraging students to work together and to help one another, students develop invaluable life skills including compassion, empathy and humility.

AlivEducation currently has locations in Orleans, Overbrook, Barrhaven and plans to expand locally and nationally. For more information about how you can help support language education for Syrian children or to register new students, please contact Jennifer Graham at 613-371-8660 or ms.grahamabc@gmail.com.

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    This article is full of excellent inarvmftioe content. The points you make are interesting and original, and I agree on many of them. Thank you for writing on this topic.

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