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The Mission of Pro-active Education for All Children’s Enrichment (PEACE) is to empower youths and other members of our society with kind of learnings that will promote inclusion, multiculturalism, and diversity. 

The Action Plan that we are committed to accomplish are as follows:

  1. Offering holistic approach of teaching and learning by engaging in both traditional and non traditional approaches to education
  2. Educating members of the society on inclusion, diversity, multilingualism that has an active role in enhancing Canadian Diversity Model
  3. Offering result oriented dialogue with public, parents, and teachers on the topics of prevention of, and responses to, school drop-out, extremism, stereotyping and other socially harmful acts
  4. Establishing, operating and maintaining teacher employment training, volunteer program and mentoring center in support of our implementation plan
  5. Offering innovative and effective courses, seminars and meetings; providing on-site (in home or in appropriate venues), culturally sensitive consultations to educate both parents and students
  6. Promote multi generational learning by providing opportunities for youths to engage with peers, seniors, and parents
  7. Create an educational model for engaging the youths with their day to day learning through Math Summer Camps, After School Programs, and Distance learnings