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Mr. Isaac Thomas Goodine shares a wealth of international experience in intercultural Isaac-Thomas-Goodine-212x300education,training and research. He has contributed to the globalization of education by over thirty years of practical experience at the leading edge of human resource and institutional development including in-depth knowledge of about seventy countries. His main fields of work include the planning and delivery of staff development programs designed to incorporate technical education and vocational training projects into economic development programs.

He is a member of the Speakers Bureau of the World Bank Group and is committed to promoting economic diplomacy as an effective way to improve international understanding and to increase global efforts to plan, produce, and utilize human capital in a more equitable and efficient manner. Underlying his work is a philosophy and deep belief that the accident of ones place of birth need not determine where one must earn a livelihood forever.

He is author of the book “Leaders Leading Leaders: International Dimensions of Distinguished Leadership” (2003), published by the Colombo Plan Staff College for Technician Education. “The law of life should not be the competition of acquisitiveness, but cooperation, the good of each contributing to the good of all”.