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Every year Canadians from coast to coast celebrate the Canada Day. Like other diverse communities Bangali Canadians are proud of being the part of this celebration. Last two years they tried to bring more joy and color to Canada Day displayed to our fellow Canadians our rich Bangali cultural heritage in a collective way that would enrich the glorifying values of Canadian multi-cultural society in 150th Canada anniversary. To mark Canada’s 150th anniversary an outdoor community gathering of more than 1500 people organized by the New Canadians Bangla Caravan, Ottawa, ON, to promote the positive and lasting impact of cultural diversity through a celebration of life’s simple pleasures, including food, music, art and dance that bring our wonderfully diverse community together.
Bangla Caravan is an initiative to share rich Bangali culture and heritage with the members of Canadian multicultural mosaic. This is a unique opportunity, where anyone from Bangali culture are demonstrate and shared cultural performances to the greater Canadian community to show and celebrate the diverse treasure that all bring together.

Everybody join with any Bangali outfit (punjabi, paijama, lungi, sari of various kind dressed in various styles, dhuti, gamsa, baul dress, manipuri dress, indigenous people’s dress, faith based dress prevalent in Bangali society, wedding dress, choice from Bangali culture), musical instruments, dance costumes, handicrafts, pictures, banners, festoons, garlands etc etc celebrate a wonderful, colorful and enjoyable Canada Day with family and friends.

That types of multicultural Pop-Up initiatives and Mythic Pearls at the Roots to bring people together to celebrate and learn about each other’s varied cultures and rich heritages. Events like these truly capture what it means to be Canadian.” and that reflect Canada’s cultural diversity.

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